Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer

Week 01 – Our Father who art in heaven

Today we start with the most fundamental understanding of ourselves in relation to God, one which determines how we address God and sets the tone for all that follows.

Script available here.

RFL001.01S, April, 2020

Week 02 – Hallowed be thy name

Today we start to look at the first three petitions of the Lord’s prayer; three petitions that summarise our response to knowing God as our father, and which concern God’s person and his glory.

Script available here.

RFL001.02S, May, 2020

Week 03 – Thy kingdom come

Today we look at the second petition which builds on our desire to see God’s named hallowed, and God’s person glorified.

Script available here.

RFL001.03S, May, 2020

Week 04 – Thy will be done, on Earth as in heaven

Today we look at the third petition which tells us of how God’s kingdom will be finally established, and what the condition is for its appearance.

Script available here.

RFL001.04S, May, 2020

Week 05 – Give us this day our daily bread

Today we start look at the fourth petition, which appeals to God for our immediate bodily needs.

Script available here.

RFL001.05S, May, 2020

Week 06 – And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us

Today we look at the second petition for ourselves, which is the first of two spiritual needs.

Script available here.

RFL001.06S, June, 2020

Week 07 – And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil

Today we look at the third petition for ourselves, which is the second of two spiritual needs.

Script available here.

RFL001.07S, June, 2020

Week 08 – For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for ever and ever

Today we look at those final lines of the prayer, the doxology, which, though not in either the Matthean or Lucan accounts of the Lord’s Prayer, have historically been seen as a fitting end the prayer.

Script available here.

RFL001.08S, June, 2020

Week 09 – Amen

Today we bring the prayer to an end in the manner of almost all our prayers. The final word which seals our intentions and submits us to playing our part in seeing our prayers bear fruit. 

Script available here.

RFL001.09S, June, 2020